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Trax will help you become a better musician by maximizing your practice time and letting set your own tempo
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4 October 2007

Editor's review

All around the world, music lovers and professional musicians have one factor in common; their passion for the melody and tunes created by spirited individuals expressing a zillion emotions and representing million thoughts. Since time immemorial; varied kinds of musicians have ruled the world in different eras with their stunning compositions and soulful voices depicting different genres of music. Currently, computer systems take the cake for flexibility and introducing various modern techniques to assist music professionals in their pursuit of creative compositions and providing expert software for aiding music mixing and addition of numerous effects and hence mTrax application is the perfect tool for a musician or a novice desiring to practice and make his own music.

mTrax upon launch opens with a vibrant interface with a bright yellow background and the chief options placed at the top. Further, the left panel of the application lists the music libraries and genre wise practice labels with a timer placed at the bottom left corner. Also, on the bottom right corner there is an equalizer placed for music filtering. The exclusive features of this application include transcribing music, maximizing the practice abilities along with improvising on the ability to learn by the ear. Furthermore, the software defines sections to focus on tricky components along with adjusting the tune tempo without altering the pitch; besides, set up looping of starting and ending points using a variety of mannerisms from approximate to precise. Moreover, the user can play the practice lists successively or randomly and further modify common music file tags like artist, title, genre, and rating.

To conclude, mTrax earns suitable kudos for its intuitive interface and creative functionalities and hence gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance and user friendly usage besides having a customized approach.

Publisher's description

- Slow Down MP3's to learn to play your instrument faster.
- Transcribe music the easy way by slowing down the tempo.
- Maximize your practice time.
- Improve your ability to learn by ear.
- Improve your playing speed and accuracy by gradually building speed.
- Organize your songs into practice lists.
- Define Sections to focus on the tricky parts.
- Adjust the tempo without affecting the pitch.
- Adjust the pitch without affecting the tempo.
- Loop through either the entire track or specific sections as many times as you define.
- Set the tempo to increase (or decrease) with each loop iteration, using linear or logarithmic models.
- Set Looping Starting and Ending points using a variety of ways, from approximate to precise
- Set a Lead Time between each loop or loop continuously.
- Set difficulty ratings for songs and sections.
- Sort and filter by track or section difficulty.
- Play your practice lists sequentially or randomly, and even choose to play only whole tracks, only track sections, or both tracks and sections.
- Modify common music file tags such as Artist, Title, Album, Genre and Rating.
- Save all your settings so that you only configure once.
- Simply play your music as with any other music player.
- Sort and group your songs by most common attributes such as Artist, Title, Album, Genre, Rating.
- Personalize the user interface to your liking by changing color schemes and reorganizing the different modules making up the interface.
- And much more!
Version 2.4.2
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User comments

This is the best play by ear training tool that I have ever found. It has an interface like a music player and allows you to slow down your music (without changing pitch), to make sections for slowing & looping, and to practice at increasing tempo, and a lot more. It is a must for any musician who plays by ear.
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